Wait, Klif Climbing Club... What is it ?

We're cooking up a full journey to help climbers to enjoy more their passion. We want you to have the best climbing experience ever! Join us now and you’ll become a KCC member until December 2019 included.

Who are we ?! 

Passionate climbers & outdoor lovers, we're 200% committed and always up for new adventures! We want to inspire and connect people to live their passion !
Join us & enjoy!

As a KCC member, what will I get ?

When becoming a member, you'll get plenty of benefits. We don't wanna spoil everything BUT... what we can tell you today is that throughout 2019 you'll get :

  • climbing products delivered to your door each month according to your preferences ;
  • exclusive climbing content so you won't miss out anything ;
  • invitation to worlwide climbing events ;
  • a lot of surprises... be patient! ;-)

How do I sign up ?

Easy! Drop your info in the subscribe page and you'll be covered until December 2019 included!

When will I get the club’s benefits?

While most of the benefits will become available throughout 2019, we’re already cooking up some surprises for 2018. We don’t wanna spoil everything but… you’ll receive a Singing Rock Helmet in October for instance; some invitations to the best climbing movie festival in the world (at least!); have access to a very special training session (best one ever!); meet (and climb with) some of the best climbers and.... well let’s stop here.

What is the monthly package?

As a KCC member, you’ll get a package each month (let's call it a klifbox) at home containing a dose of chalk, a nutrition bar/drink, or a must-have accessory, according to your preferences!

How can I choose my favorite pair of shoes, if I want a rope vs. a crash pad, etc.?

Once you’re a KCC member, you can update your profile and preferences whenever you want.

How do I update my account information ?

=> Log in to your account
=> Click on your name on the top bar menu to reach 'my account'
From here, you’re able to edit your account settings, shipping address and credit card information. Easy, right ?

I can’t pay for the full year upfront, but I think the club is an awesome idea. What can I do?

We’re building something special. That requires passion, commitment and time. That’s why we only accept upfront payments for the moment.
If you want to keep getting updates, let Apolline know you’re interested and you’ll receive our blog articles and latest news !

If I pay now for the club, when will I be charge the next time?

By paying now, you're covered until December 2019 included. It means next time you'll be charged will be the very end of December 2019 for the whole year of 2020.

Where are you shipping to?

We are currently shipping to the United States, France, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
If your country is not in the list, send us an email and we’ll work on it! You'll be the first to receive our box when we will ship to your country ;-)

How do I contact you?

Any questions or suggestions ? We'd be happy to have your feedbacks, just give a shout to Apolline and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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